How Do You Hack Direct TV?

For as long as satellite and cable TV have been around, many people have tried to trick the system through technical trickery, otherwise known as “hacking”. A long long time ago hackers were actually getting away with free Direct TV, but eventually like all good things it must come to an end, so did their lives. They are all most likely still in jail as you read this.

Today if you actually manage to come up with a new Direct TV hack it will most likely put you in jail. You are going to be fighting an up hill battle with Direct TV and their tough new “Direct TV Hacker Team” They cannot be fooled so do not even try.How hard do you think it is to hack Direct TV now? Well it’s pretty hard actually, the following is a list of just a FEW of the cases won by Direct TV.

- Direct TV was recently awarded $70,450.00 in damages against a Pennsylvania man who stole DirecTV programming for more than a year.

- The Direct TV Hacking team was directly responsible for the imprisonment of a South Carolina man who has been jailed for 3 years and fined $750,000.00

- Think it stops with the guy next door? Think again, a New York bar was fined $50,000.00 for hacking Direct TV.

I bet these guys wish now that they just opted in for paying the $40 or so monthly fee, they wouldn’t be in jail right now huh?

So what do you think now? Gonna do it?

Lots of people are searching the Internet for a Direct TV hack and i can totally understand why that is, with the economic meltdown and when the interest rates just seem to be going up all the time. Many unfortunate people are losing their homes! I can imagine if you are sitting there reading this right now and considering taking advantage of an opportunity like hacking Direct TV (if you were able to beat the system that is).

If you are paying for Direct TV each month, this is about the price you would pay each year! Many couples and home owners are deciding to stay more at home and rent a movie rather than paying the costly fee each month for cable or satellite. Did i forget to bring up the $1000 yearly cost again? Direct TV is worth it i hear you saying?

Well I have found the ideal solution for you. The majority of channels are coming directly out of the U.S. which has all of your sports, kids, entertainment, movies, news channels and many more.

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A couple of weeks ago i bought this for $49.95 and it has well been worth the money, with a saving of over $1000 i could not pass it up. I live in Australia and have Foxtel, which is a service just like Direct TV that pumps out pay TV channels. Being able to say good bye to my Foxtel this year will save me over $1000 from recurring monthly bills. It is truely awesome being able to watch pretty much all of the stations i had being broadcast in Australia on my computer.

But how will i watch these channels on my home theater system?

I have to brag a little bit here and tell you about my huge projector and the huge screen that goes with it, beacuse i wanted to be able to view all of my TV station being fed through my computer on my projector screen. You will most likely have the same problem. So i had to come up with a way to transfer the signal from my computer to my TV for both of us.

On the back all PC’s you have your video card with outputs for audio, monitors, or your TV.A lot of the most newer computers and TV sets will have the S-Video or the HDMI output. I happen to have a newer TV which has the HDMI output that is much better at picking up a nice digital signal. Older style TV sets will have the S-Video output, which means if you have an older style TV you will be ready to view all of the channels that are pumping through your PC on your TV.

So get ready to not only save over $1000 this year but also sit back and relax on your comfy lounge with your family or a loved one while you share some popcorn and watch a lengthy movie.

NO Extra Hardware

NO Extra Satellite Dish

NO Spyware

NO Subscriptions or Recurring Charges Ever

Works Anywhere In the World

Happy saving and take care.

By: Romeo French

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