Hacking Life: Creating a System From the Results We See in Others

It may have been against the rules to copy what your classmate was writing on his test during exams. But when it comes to copying the steps taken towards obtaining results we have a different approach.

Would you like to experience the same successful results someone you know of has? People like Donald Trump and Thomas Edison can certainly be said to have experienced things in life that many of us only dream of. Donald and Thomas may seem a little distant, so let’s choose people a little closer to you.

How about your 35 year old Uncle with success in his finances and relationships? This man is practically like a father to you. He lives in a half of-a-million-dollar home and never looks at prices. Chances are you admire is current state of affairs.

By asking these people how they got to where they are, and replicating the actions they took, you can obtain the same results they have. Tony Robbins talks a lot about this in his book Unlimited Power.

The past 10 years have been a results-oriented economy. No one wants anything that does not give them results as soon as possible. Today we have a new twist when we think of replicating someone’s actions. Instead of replicating what they have done, we condense the time frame and intensify the quality of actions being taken.

For example, I admire Farrah Gray, a mid-twenty year old businessman who achieved successful results in starting businesses when we was 14 years old. How did Farrah Gray get to this point?

He had one really good mentor named Roi Tauer. Roi encouraged Farrah to take on big challenges at a very young age. I see having a mentor is very important-particularly a mentor who has achieved the results I would like to see in my life.

Getting a mentor does not have to take 2 years. You can make a few phone calls this afternoon to people like Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor or your uncle and ask them if they wouldn’t mind being your mentor. Tell them it will only require a 5 minute phone call from you once a week.

As an entrepreneur, Farrah would learn about a new business by reading all the books at the bookstore on a given topic. We are talking 20-30 books. By doing the same thing I can learn everything there is to know about a venture (or adventure) I am getting myself into before I take the first step.

Reading books takes about 1/3 the time we think it does. Keep these points in mind next time you foresee having a lot of reading to do:

•    Considering buying audio books so you can listen to them when you are traveling to and from work.

•    Just because you started reading a book does not mean you have to finish it. If you know the material and it is boring, move on to something more interesting that complements your interests.

I am creating a system out of the good fortune I observe in other people. You can do this with anyone. You need to study how they accomplished the results they have today, and find a way you can replicate their actions in your own style.

By building upon each other’s strengths, we can actually get somewhere faster instead of reinventing the wheel each time we want to do something.

By: Daniel Massicotte

About the Author:

Dan Massicotte is perhaps the most positive oriented individual you will ever meet. You can learn more about him on his website: http://danmassicottespositiveliving.com/ Join his newsletter to be informed of new articles and website developments.

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