Hacking Attack on Tibia’s Servers

Without rest we patched all servers and changed important parts of our data structure to ensure more security in the future. Moreover, it was inevitable to reset all game servers to a state before the hacking. Of course all premium players got a compensation of 5 days to make up for the lost premium time.

Since the hacker got access to your account passwords and recovery keys we changed them all. We sent an email with the new account data to the address your account is registered to. Unfortunately, many players did not receive this email for several reasons. Please do not send email requests to get your new password, we will solve the problem in another way.

Some hints to help yourself:

Many players confuse their account data, so please think about which email address you used for your account. Then you can easily look at the right place. Our Lost Account Interface can tell you the account number if you do not know to which account the new password belongs. If your email account was full or you accidentally deleted the email with the new password, use the Lost Account Interface to request a new password for your Tibia account. If you cannot access your email account anymore, please contact your email provider to get the email account back. Then you can also use the Lost Account Interface. Personalised accounts can get a new password in any case using the Lost Account Interface.

Do not worry, we won’t let you down and work on a solution for the remaining unaccessible accounts. Stay tuned for more information in the next days.

Please also remember the following: For security reasons you cannot change your password to a password you have used before. Nobody needs to ask you for your password for any reason! Only you need to know your password. Remember it well and do not tell it anyone else. Above all, the CipSoft Team or any other official person will never ask you for your password. Only enter your password at our website or to log into the game! The only official website for Tibia is www.tibia.com, so never enter your password at any other site. Especially do not believe statements at any fanpage affirming something else. To log into the game, only use the original Tibia client available at this site. If you enter your password in any other program you risk that someone else may get it and that you will lose your account.

We hope that we can soon continue our normal work, the work on the next bigger game update you have been already expecting for a long time!

See you in Tibia!

By: Emma

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