“how Mobile Phones Can be Hacked”

A search in the Internet is enough to find a lot of information concerning the hacking of mobile phones. The main purpose of this article is to familiarize the reader with some widely used terms concerning mobile phone technology and hacking techniques, as well as security measures that one could take to protect the privacy of ones personal data stored in a mobile phone.

It’s really not necessary to be an expert in mobile technology, but to be informed, and thus cautious in order protect oneself from mobile phone fraud. It is crucial for every mobile phone user to know all the possibilities he/she is offered, along with the dangers that technological progress brings. People can learn the fundamentals of some of the most common techniques of mobile phone hacking such as cloning, eavesdropping, bluesnarfing, bluebugging , as well as familiarize themselves with the most “notorious” mobile phone viruses, Cabir and Mabir.A.

Let’s try to give simple answers to basic questions such as:

o “why are mobile phones inviting targets for hackers?”

There are 2 major reasons. 1st)The mobile phone is always on. Rarely do we deactivate our mobile phones… 2nd) The personal or corporate information stored in a mobile phone.

o “What is a “clone phone”?”

“Clone phones” are mobile phones that are programmed to charge calls on other people’s mobile phone accounts.

o “How can your mobile “catch” a virus”

Mobile phone viruses usually spread through Bluetooth or incoming messages.

But what can one do to protect one’s privacy? Further down, the reader can see a simply phrased, comprehensive description of security measures and recommendations. It’s the “users’ tactics” part:

? Use anti-virus software to monitor for viruses distributed and propagated via mobile devices

? Disable the Bluetooth interface while not using it

? Limit “roaming”

? Review all bills

? Turn the phone off

If one is not cautious, the hacker can transform a personal mobile into

a handheld broadcast station, this is what a mobile phone holder should always bear in mind and implement.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method. It relys on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders. But what is RFID method’s connection to mobile phone manufacturing? Mobile phone manufacturers guarantee products that combine their standard handsets with RFID technology. However, this perspective causes public commotion, primarily focused on privacy matters.


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